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I am sure that you are just about as fed up with spam as I am! I am talking about the junk email you get day in and day out that tries to sell you something or bombard you with pornography. I have put together some resources here to help you get rid of the garbage and take back your inbox. Some links on this page are for organisations that fight spam - and scams, some are just information so that you can educate yourself.

Do not be fooled, spam is dangerous! You need to be educated and be fighting it. Start off with this newly released report called "How to protect yourself from annoying spam - Why it's dangerous and how you can stop it". The report is free and is very informative.

Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email

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Spam Laws

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Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC)

Federal Trade Comission (FTC) - Spam info

Email spam and virus filter
FilterMy.Com - Email spam and virus filter

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