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Eliminate Spam in your Email

Email spam has been a growing concern for a few years however the problem has intensified recently as the sheer volume of spam has increased and the quality of the product offerings has degraded substantially.

If you are wondering "what can I do to reduce spam?" here are some things you can to to reduce the amount of email spam you get:
  • Never respond to spam – it just validates your email address.
  • Never buy anything that is advertised through spam – It may sound obvious, but people do buy from spammers; that is why they spam. This just feeds the problem. If you happen to see something you might like that is offered through a spam email, head over to a search engine and look up another source. Chances are that the deal you were being offered wasn’t that great after all. Besides, if someone is trying to hide their identity to trick you into buying something, why would you want to do business with them? How can you trust their product?
  • Don’t post your email address on the internet – Websites and newsgroups are like a gold mine to a spammer. This may seem to defeat the purpose of the internet but one way around this is to set up a disposable address at a free service, use that in your websites and newsgroups and then change it once you start getting too much spam.
  • Don’t give out your address without knowing how it will be used – When you buy something online or sign up for a newsletter, there is often a “privacy policy”. Read it and make sure that your address will not be sold or shared.
  • Look for the fine print - Make sure that there is not a checkbox somewhere that entitles the company to share your address with its “partners” for marketing purposes. Often, this little box will be already checked off allowing them to share your email address and you have to uncheck it.
  • Don’t ever open an attachment if you are not familiar with the sender, it could contain a virus. Better yet, check with the sender to verify that they did send you something. Some viruses can spread themselves looking like files from friends. You can’t tell the difference until it is too late.
  • Use an email spam filter – Finally, someone to get rid of the spam! The best ones use a number of different methods to filter your email. Some even scan emails for viruses. Try to get a service that filters the email before you end up downloading all the spam, so you do not have to download then filter. If you get software that installs on your computer, make sure that it gets updated regularly. Outdated filters – especially virus filters are no better than no filters at all.

We have also made arrangements to offer you a free report offering information on reducing spam.

So, now you are wondering how to choose an email filter. What features do you look for? There are so many choices available.
This should help:
  • Is the software compatible with my email system?-Some email spam filtering software only works with certain types of accounts. For example, one program may work with a pop3 email account but it may not work with your Hotmail account - or vice versa. Make sure you know what kind of account you have and how you want the software to work. As well, some software may integrate right into Outlook but may not work for other programs.
  • Does it need to be updated?Some filtering software needs to you "train" it and tell it what is spam and what is not. After a few hundred emails, these can be pretty reliable types of filters - but they can be a nuisance to set up with poor initial results. If your filter is not trainable, are there free updates available on a regular basis? Spam changes continually and what filtered out spam last week may be obselete by now.
  • Is the program easy to use? - The last thing you need in your life is a complicated email filter. The filter you choose should be easy to set up and use.
We hope that you have found this article to be usefull in your quest to protect yourself online. We recommend FilterMy.Com - The easiest email spam and virus filtering system - in the world! The FitlerMy.Com filter is actually a service that checks your email account and filters the spam and viruses out before you even download your email! It is very easy to use, setup just requires filling out a form on their website and your email starts getting filtered immediately. If you are looking for an easy to use, simple spam remedy, check out FilterMy.Com immediately.
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email spam and virus filtering service
Free 14 day trial
  • Nothing to download or set up on your computer - simply set you your account and enjoy your filtered, safe email
  • No filter updates required by you
  • No time required to set up filters
  • Your email is filtered before you even see it
  • Dangerous viruses never even get to your computer
  • You get a web interface packed with features such as a address book, calendar, folders and even a spell checker
  • Works with any computer and operating system
  • Filter email in your current POP3 email account

antispam software - spam filter
Free 21 day trial
  • Doesn't replace your current email program: Continue to use what you're used to; AllSpamGone supports Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, and any email program that logs onto a standard POP3 mail server.
  • Ground-breaking Permission Based Spam Blocker Technology: AllSpamGone is an anti-spam system that doesn't rely on filters, or message rules which delete messages you wanted to see. Instead, if an email arrives from an unknown sender, AllSpamGone thinks it might be spam so it sends out a permission email back to the sender. If that user is a real person (and not some spam program) they simply reply to this registration step, at which point you can choose to accept their first, and subsequent email messages.
  • The Registration Step: Unapproved senders are automatically given the opportunity to register (permission to send you email). If they register, you are notified and can accept their email. They only need to register once! You can also easily preapprove your existing contacts (we have a simple address book import wizard).
  • Eliminates all automatic spammers: The AllSpamGone registration process requires intervention by a real person. Most spammers don't even have valid reply addresses so they never even get the registration request. This has the effect of eliminating all automatic spamming systems (which is 99% of all SPAM)! This is the ultimate anti spam blocker!
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