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Don't you hate opening your email and seeing all of these messages that offer to grow your hair - or other body parts? Are you concerned about your children getting emails with pornographic offers? Do you spend 10 minutes every day just deleting junk and sorting the good from the bad? 20 minutes? 30 minutes?

Do you know anyone who has lost money in a scam? What would happen if your computer got a virus and shut down on you - right now, this minute?

That's nothing!

Besides being very intrusive and having already cost you something by the time you see it, some of the spam you receive is annoying, some is offensive to you or your family, some of it is downright dangerous. And by just opening the email, you could be validating your address for more spam or putting yourself at risk!

Select the links on this site to learn how to curb the spam, scams and junk on your computer
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