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Spyware is software that allows someone else to have access to, or monitor what your computer is doing. Sometimes an employer will want to monitor what their employees are using their computers for, sometimes spouses want to spy on each other or parents on their kids.

More dangerous though is when someone you don't know is spying on what you are typing into your keyboard. They can see information like your banking info or any sensitive data that you work with. This can be very dangerous.

Spyware can get on to your computer if someone has access to your physical computer and installs it, or, it can be snuk in like a trojan virus. You could pick up a piece of software that executes itself on your machine and starts spying - sending your information back to someone else. Spyware is often attached to music files.

Spyware programs are not picked up by anti virus software because they are not actually dangerous to the computer itself. They can be very dangerous for the operator though. A small investment in a software program that detects spyware is very wise.
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